ASAS Research Projects

  • CLASSIC (Classification of Axial SpondyloarthritiS Inception Cohort)

Martin Rudwaleit - Bielefeld, Germany (PI ASAS Group)

Walter Maksymowych - Edmonton, Canada (PI SPARTAN Group)

Miranda Van Lunteren - Leiden, The Netherlands (Study Coordinator)

  • Update of the ASAS-OMERACT core set for ankylosing spondylitis

Désirée van der Heijde (Leiden, the Netherlands)

Victoria Navarro Compán (Madrid, Spain)

Annelies Boonen (Maastricht, the Netherlands)

Philip Mease (Seattle, United States)

Anne Boel (Leiden, the Netherlands)

  • ASAS MRImagine

Walter Maksymowych - Alberta, Canada

Xenofon Baraliakos - Herne, Germany

  • ASAS Health Index validation

Uta Kiltz - Herne, Germany

Jürgen Braun - Herne, Germany

  • ASAS Flare definition

Maxime Dougados - Paris, France

  • ASAS Utility Index

Annelies Boonen - Maastricht, The Netherlands

  • ASAS Physical Performance Index in SpondyloArthritis

Irene van der Horst-Bruinsma - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Development of consensus definition of axial involvement in psoriatic arthritis

Denis Poddubnyy - Berlin, Germany

Dafna Gladman - Toronto, Canada

  • ASAS COMOrbidities in SPondyloArthritis (ASAS-COMOSPA) Study

Anna Moltó - Paris, France

Maxim Dougados - Paris, France

  • ASAS PerSpA Study

Clementina López Medina - Paris, France.

Anna Moltó - Paris, France

Maxim Dougados - Paris, France

  • ASAS Consensus on Spanish Nomenclature for Spondyloarthritis

Victoria Navarro Compán (Madrid, Spain)