Call for ASAS Research Grant / Internship

Call for ASAS Research Grant / Internships is now closed.

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Purpose of the ASAS Grant for Research Internship

  • In addition to the ASAS fellowship program
  • Intended for local researchers in ASAS centres
  • Aim: 2 ASAS Research Internships/year
  • Outlines were announced at ASAS meeting EULAR 2013

Guidelines of the ASAS Grant for Research Internship

  • Objective: to encourage up to 2 fellows/year completing clinical training to start research training in Spondyloarthritis (not on Psoriatic Arthritis) at host institute of an ASAS member
  • Directed to young clinicians in training/clinical rheumatology fellows (but who are not full ASAS members themselves) with an interest in SpA
  • Task: to perform clinical or clinical/epidemiological research project in an ASAS member center
  • Requirements:

- <= 40 years of age
- Fluent in English or the language of the hosting country
- Duration: 6-12 months
- Stipend: up to € 25.000 for a full 12 months period

  • Application:

- Online application (ASAS webpage): applicant and host center including research proposal
- Deadline for application: Call for ASAS Research Grant / Internships is now closed. Please come again later to check the options to apply

  • Selection by Executive Committee after review by at least two members of the Advisory Board
  • Presentation of results during annual ASAS workshop

Awarded ASAS Research Grants / Internships

2019 ASAS Grants

  • Imke Redeker, Project "Development and validation of a computer-based algorithm for the detection of active and chronic inflammatory changes compatible with spondyloarthritis on magnetic resonance imaging of the sacroiliac joints", Berlin, Germany
  • Rianne von Bentum, Projects "Validation of the Ankylosing Spondylitis Performance-based Improvement (ASPI) test in Chilean SpA patients" and "The association between adipose tissue dysfunction and disease activity in Ankylosing Spondylitis – a proof of concept study", Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2018 ASAS Grants

  • Manouk de Hooge – Ghent, Belgium
  • Elena Nikiphorou – Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Marlies Carbo – Groningen, The Netherlands

2017 ASAS Grants

  • Marion Senlis-Pons - Paris, France
  • Mikhail Protopopov - Berlin, Germany
  • Gaelle Varkas - Ghent, Belgium

2015 ASAS Grants

  • Lennart Jans - Ghent, Belgium

2014 ASAS Grants

  • Anna Molto - Paris, France
  • Victoria Navarro - Madrid, Spain
  • Thorsten Diekhoff - Berlin, Germany