The ASAS app offers a calculator for the Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Score (ASDAS) as well as information on classification, diagnosis, outcome assessment, and treatment of spondyloarthritis.


ASAS app available on the App store and Google Play:


  • Concept of the app and overall coordination were in hands of Denis Poddubnyy, Joachim Sieper and Désirée van der Heijde.
  • The lay-out and technical aspects are performed by emotion touch.

 The app is fully translated to the languages, which are represented in the ASAS Slide Library.

  • Translation into Chinese was done by Feng Huang.
  • Translation into Taiwanese (Chinese Traditional) was done by James Wei.
  • Translation into Croatian was done by Simeon Grazio.
  • Translation into French was done by Félicie Costantino and Maria Antonietta D'Agostino.
  • Translation into German was done by Hildrun Haibel and Joachim Sieper.
  • Translation into Greek was done by Xenofon Baraliakos and Dimos Patrikos.
  • Translation into Hungarian was done by Pál Géher and Sándor Szántó.
  • Translation into Italian was done by Salvatore Scarpato and Ignazio Olivieri.
  • Translation into Portuguese was done by Percival Sampaio-Barros.
  • Translation into Russian was done by Denis Poddubnyy.
  • Translation into Spanish was done by Victoria Navarro, Ruben Burgos-Vargas, and Eduardo Collantes.
  • Translation into Turkish was done by Salih Özgöcmen and Nurullah Akkoc.