23. September 2020
Dear ASAS members, I hope you are well and have gone healthy through the last very difficult months. I would like to inform you about the decision of the ASAS EC to exchange the ASAS annual meeting 2021 from a physical to a virtual meeting. The dates will remain the same: 15-16. January 2021. Although this is, and, as it seems, it will also remain a difficult time for all of us still for some time, the ASAS EC will do it’s best to provide the most convenient solution and experience for our...
14. June 2020
The ASAS EC and Course faculty would like to announce that the next ASAS course will take place on March 12-13th 2021 in Brussels.
17. January 2020
ASAS Slide Library update is released now!
15. January 2020
The new ASAS Case Library is online now!
12. January 2020
The updated version of the ASAS bylaws is available now.