The Young ASAS (Y-ASAS) initiative was established by the ASAS Executive Committee (EC) in 2017. ASAS members 45 years-old or younger can become YASAS members. The goals of Young ASAS are:

  • to bring younger ASAS members closer to ASAS procedures;
  • to give young ASAS members the possibility to get to know the EC and possibly get elected in future;
  • to boost the networking between young ASAS members;
  • to motivate young ASAS members to start new ASAS projects.

Young ASAS participates in the following activities:

  • Y-ASAS members will have to be included and actively participate in the organization of ASAS projects (two Y-ASAS member per project)
  • Two Y-ASAS members are present in the EC (non-voting members) and participate in EC meetings; the rotation of Y-ASAS representatives in the EC is ensured every two years.