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Anna Moltó

Full name: Anna Moltó

Current country: France

Membership level: Full

Type of membership: Member

Number of publications: 7

Evaluation of the agreement between the ACR 1990 fibromyalgia tender points and an enthesitis score in patients with axial spondyloarthritis (2022)

Efficacy of a tight-control and treat-to-target strategy in axial spondyloarthritis: results of the open-label, pragmatic, cluster-randomised TICOSPA trial. (2021)

Fertility and pregnancy outcomes in women with spondyloarthritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis (2021)

Sociodemographic determinants in the evolution of pain in inflammatory rheumatic diseases: results from ESPOIR and DESIR cohorts (2021)

Evaluation of the impact of a nurse-led program of patient self-assessment and self-management in axial spondyloarthritis: results of a prospective, multicentre, randomized, controlled trial (COMEDSPA) (2020)

Pregnancy rates and outcomes in early axial spondyloarthritis: An analysis of the DESIR cohort (2020)

Evaluation of the impact of a nurse-led program of systematic screening of comorbidities in patients with axial spondyloarthritis: The results of the COMEDSPA prospective, controlled, one year randomized trial (2020)