Call for ASAS Fellowships

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Purpose of the ASAS Fellowship

  • To make young investigators not yet involved in the field of SpA enthusiastic for clinical research in SpA
  • To establish a new contact between a fellow in SpA in one ASAS centre with another ASAS expert center in SpA research
  • Aim: 3 ASAS fellowships / year
  • Programme started in 2011

Guidelines of the ASAS Fellowship

  • Objective: to encourage up to 3 young clinicians, preferably rheumatologists (in training) to perform research on Spondyloarthritis (not on Psoriatic Arthritis) at another institute of an ASAS member, preferably in another country
  • Directed to young clinicians in training/clinical rheumatology fellows (but not for full ASAS members) with an interest in SpA
  • Task: to perform clinical or clinical/epidemiological research project in another ASAS member center
  • Requirements:

- <= 40 years of age
- Fluent in English or in the language of the hosting country
- Duration: 6-12 months
- Stipend: max € 30.000 for a full 12 months period, including traveling and research costs
- Research project should start after granting the fellowship

  • Application:

- Online application (ASAS webpage): applicant and host center including research proposal
- Deadline for application: July 1st, 2018

  • Selection by Executive Committee after review by at least two members of the Advisory Board
  • Presentation of results during annual ASAS workshop

Awarded ASAS Fellowships

2019 ASAS Fellowships:

  • Augusta Ortolan, Project "Calculating the Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Score (ASDAS) in radiographic and non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis when patient global assessement (PGA) is not available", Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Jean Liew, Project "Posttraumatic stress disorder and correlates for disease activity in ankylosing spondylitis", San Francisco, US
  • Gilian Fitzgerald, Project "Cardiovascular Risk in Ankylosing Spondylitis: high dose NSAID vs low dose", Toronto, Canada

2018 ASAS Fellowships:

  • Mikhail Protopopov - Berlin, Germany

2017 ASAS Fellowships

  • Anthony So - Toronto, Canada

2016 ASAS Fellowships

  • Bhowmik Meghnathi - Paris, France
  • Sebastián Ibáñez - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2015 ASAS Fellowships

  • Jonathan Chan - Toronto, Canada
  • Alexandre Sepriano - Leiden, The Netherlands

2014 ASAS Fellowships

  • Aleksandra Fedorova - Berlin, Germany

2013 ASAS Fellowships

  • Dinny Wallis - Toronto, Canada

2012 ASAS Fellowships

  • Wilson Bautista - Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Inna Gaydukova - Berlin, Germany
  • José Castillo-Ortiz - Maastricht, The Netherlands