Peripheral Involvement in SpondyloArthritis - ASAS PerSpA


The various clinical forms of Spondyloarthritis include spinal (axial) features, peripheral arthritis, enthesopathy and extra-articular features such as uveitis, psoriasis and inflammatory bowel disease.

The peripheral rheumatological investigations (e.g. arthritis, dactylitis, peripheral enthesitis) can occur either concomitantly of the axial disease or independently alone or before the axial disease).

However, some questions remain, such as the prevalence of “isolated” peripheral spondyloarthritis, the clinical presentation of peripheral involvement in patients with skin psoriasis or the country variability of phenotypes.

Moreover, in order to evaluate the natural history of peripheral rheumatological involvement, some outcome parameters have been proposed such as the number of synovitis, the number of dactylitis, several enthesitis indices.

However, there is an ongoing discussion related to the validity of these outcome parameters and whether the rheumatological community should revisit it.


a) to evaluate the clinical peripheral rheumatological features of spondyloarthritis with regard to a concomitant axial disease, a concomitant skin psoriasis and across the regions of the world;

b) To evaluate the validity of existing outcome measures of peripheral rheumatological features and to explore the possibility to improve them.


Observational, cross-sectional, multicentric and international study with 24 participating countries representing the four continents. The inclusion criteria were adult patients, diagnosed as Spondyloarthritis (either axSpA, pSpA or PsA) by the treating rheumatologist and to be able to answer the questionnaires.


A total of 4465 patients were included (61% men, mean age 44.5 years) from four geographic areas: Latin America (n=538), Europe plus North America (n=1677), Asia (n=975) and the Middle East plus North Africa (n=1275). Of those, 78% had ever suffered from at least one peripheral musculoskeletal manifestation; 57% had peripheral joint disease, 44% had enthesitis and 15% had dactylitis. Latin American had far more often peripheral joint disease (80%) than patients from other areas. Patients with PsA had predominantly upper limb and small joint involvement (52%). Hip and shoulder involvement was found in 34% of patients. The prevalence of enthesitis ranged between 41% in patients with axSpA and 65% in patients with Juv-SpA. Dactylitis was most frequent among patients with PsA (37%).


These results suggest that all peripheral features can be found in all subtypes of SpA, and that differences are quantitative rather than qualitative. In a high proportion of patients, axial and peripheral manifestations coincided. These findings reconfirm SpA clinical subtypes are descendants of the same underlying disease, called SpA.


Timelines of the project: July 2018 – February 2020


Project Team

PI: Maxime Dougados (Paris, France)

Steering committee: Maxime Dougados (Paris, France), Joachim Sieper (Berlin, Germany), Desirée van der Heijde (Leiden, Netherlands), Robert Landewé (Leiden, Netherlands), Anna Moltó (Paris, France).

Working group: Clementina López-Medina (Paris, France), Tuncay Duruöz (Istanbul, Turkey), Uta Kiltz (Herne, Germany), Bassel Elzorkany (Cairo, Egypt), Najia Hajjaj-Hassouni (Rabat, Morocco), Rubén Burgos-Vargas (Mexico City, Mexico), José Maldonado-Cocco (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Nelly Ziade (Beirut, Lebanon), Meghna Gavali (Hyderabad, India), Victoria Navarro-Compán (Madrid, Spain), Shue-Fen Luo (Taoyuan, Taiwan), Sara Monti (Pavia, Italy), Tae-Jong Kim (Gwangju, South Korea), Mitsumasa Kishimoto (Tokyo, Japan), Fernando M. Pimentel-Santos (Lisboa, Portugal), Jieruo Gu (Guangzhou, China), Ruxandra Schiotis (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Floris van Gaalen (Leiden, Netherlands), Pál Géher (Budapest, Hungary), Marina Magrey (Cleveland, Ohio), Sebastián Ibáñez (Santiago, Chile), Wilson Bautista-Molano (Bogotá, Colombia), Walter P. Maksymowych (Edmonton, Canada) and Pedro M. Machado (London, UK).



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