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Valeria Rios Rodriguez

Full name: Valeria Rios Rodriguez

Current country: Germany

Membership level: Associate

Type of membership: Member

Number of publications: 13

Deep learning for detection of radiographic sacroiliitis: achieving expert-level performance (2021)

Sustained clinical response and safety of etanercept in patients with early axial spondyloarthritis: 10-year results of the ESTHER trial (2021)

Diagnosing axial spondyloarthritis: estimation of the disease probability in patients with a priori different likelihoods of the diagnosis (2021)

Assessment of radiographic sacroiliitis in anteroposterior lumbar vs conventional pelvic radiographs in axial spondyloarthritis (2021)

Relation of α 2-Antiplasmin Genotype and Genetic Determinants of Fibrinogen Synthesis and Fibrin Clot Formation with Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Level in Axial Spondyloarthritis (2020)

Comparison of an online self-referral tool with a physician-based referral strategy for early recognition of patients with a high probability of axial spa (2020)

Comment on: ‘Successful remission with tofacitinib in a patient with refractory Takayasu arteritis complicated by ulcerative colitis’ by Kuwabara et al (2020)

Clinical and imaging characteristics of osteitis condensans ilii as compared with axial spondyloarthritis (2020)

Performance of the Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Score based on a quick quantitative C-reactive protein assay in patients with axial spondyloarthritis (2020)

Response to: ‘Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms in axial spondyloarthritis more common than among healthy controls: is it an overlooked comorbidity?’ by Wallman et al (2019)

Progression of Structural Damage in the Sacroiliac Joints in Patients With Early Axial Spondyloarthritis During Long-Term Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor Treatment: Six-Year Results of Continuous Treatment With Etanercept (2019)

Incorporation of the anteroposterior lumbar radiographs in the modified Stoke Ankylosing Spondylitis Spine Score improves detection of radiographic spinal progression in axial spondyloarthritis (2019)

Hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells: a promising new therapy for spondyloarthritis? (2017)