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Stefan Siebert

Stefan Siebert is a Professor of Inflammation Medicine and Rheumatology in the School of Infection and Immunity at the University of Glasgow. He also works as an Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde where he runs specialist psoriatic arthritis (PsA), complex inflammatory tendinopathy and combined dermatology-gastroenterology-rheumatology clinics. Prof. Siebert leads the PsA and SpA clinical research programme in Glasgow and is the lead on several national and regional investigator-led studies. Research activities include disease pathogenesis, biomarker discovery, comorbidities, routine-data linkage and running observational cohort, experimental medicine and interventional studies. He has published widely in peer-reviewed journals. He is a member of the GRAPPA global steering committee and ASAS, the current Deputy Chair of the NIHR Musculoskeletal Translational Research Collaboration and executive committee member for BRIT-PACT, as well as past Chair of the Versus Arthritis Inflammatory Arthritis Research Advisory Group.

Full name: Stefan Siebert

Current country: United Kingdom

Membership level: Full

Type of membership: Member

Number of publications: 56

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