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Simeon Grazio

Graduated at the School of Medicine Zagreb in 1986. After internship worked as a research fellow at the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases of the Sisters of Mercy University Clinical Centre in Zagreb. Completed the residency in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in 1997 and the subspecialty exam in rheumatology in 2001. Successfully defended the master’s thesis in 1991, followed by attaining PhD in the year 2000. Full professor at the School of Medicine in Zagreb. From 2005 head of the University Department for Rheumatology, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in University Clinical Centre Sisters of Mercy. Under his leadership the Department became the Referral Centre for Spondyloarthritis of the Ministry of Health of Croatia. Furthered his education in several foreign European institutions, finished several courses in Croatia and abroad. Author of more than 150 papers among which more than 50 in internationally peer-reviewed journals (CC and WoS Core Collection). Actively participated with around 250 works-abstracts on professional-scientific meetings. As an author and co-author published 63 chapters in 18 books, as well as 16 booklets for patients. As PI and investigator involved in several dozens of non-profitable investigations and in one and half dozen of multi-centric international clinical studies. Updated, 27th January 2021.

Full name: Simeon Grazio

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