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Robert Lambert

Dr. Lambert graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, in 1980. He did his radiology residency in Belfast and then completed postgraduate training with a two-year musculoskeletal (MSK) radiology fellowship in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He holds Fellowships in the Royal College of Radiologists (UK) and the Royal College of Physicians of Canada. Dr. Lambert was head of MSK radiology at the University of Alberta from 1989-2002, and was at the forefront of MSK radiology innovation introducing many MSK MRI and interventional MSK services to Canada. Dr. Lambert was Chair of Department from 2002-2016. His primary research interests are MSK MRI and the imaging of arthritis. This includes the development and clinical validation of image-based definitions and scoring tools for assessment of spondyloarthritis and osteoarthritis; MRI evaluation of hyaline cartilage and bone marrow; and randomized trials of arthritis therapy. His research activities involve networks of Canadian and international investigators and he has worked with multiple collaborative groups that have participated in the development of scoring systems based on imaging that are used in both diagnostic and therapeutic settings as well as clinical trials research. He has published over 140 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and is a member of several international societies related to MSK radiology and arthritis research.

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