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Nele Herregods

Prof. Dr. Nele Herregods is Head of Clinics in Pediatric Radiology at Ghent University Hospital in Belgium. She is member of the Arthritis and Pediatric Subcommitte of ESSR, and member of ASAS and the JIA working group of OMERACT. In addition to her clinical work and teaching at the Ghent University, she is conducting research with main field of interest in pediatric inflammatory diseases, mainly focusing on Spondyloarthritis, more specifically Juvenile Spondyloarthritis. Her current research is about scoring systems in pediatric sacroiliac joint MRI in JSpA, and imaging and variation of normal sacroiliac joints. She has authored or co-authored multiple publications in peer reviewed journals during the last years.

Full name: Nele Herregods

Current country: Belgium

Membership level: Full

Type of membership: Member

Number of publications: 49

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